julian kimmings



Julian Kimmings is a UK based artist. His work uses an amalgamation of acrylic, spray paint, ink and oil paint to create a vivid, engaging world of fanciful portraits.

With a background in Illustration and Design, Julian is fascinated by ancient cultures, folklore and mythology, using their stories to give his work a narrative that relates, in part, to an increasingly materialistic modern World.

Julian defines his subjects with strong gestures, mixed with rich brushwork that result in areas of detail fused with raw, energetic emotion, allowing the viewer to fill the blanks with their own imagination.

Julian says "I like to work quickly to capture the original spark of emotion that I feel at the moment of inspiration before it fades to memory. Like waking from a vivid dream and wanting to record it before it is lost".

He uses imagery from life alongside his vast world of imaginary subjects to construct a narrative to immerse his audience in these dream-like states.

Julian holds a BA(hons) in Illustration and has been exhibited at the Institute for Contemporary Arts, London. His unique, often graphic style has captured the attention and imagination of collectors across the globe and has gained acclaim from his peers in fine art, street art and graffiti circles.